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what Canada was made for.

outdoor activities

canoe tripping

Are you an adventurous soul with a passion for canoeing and camping? A role as a canoe tripper could be perfect for you.

This unique role involves taking campers on overnight canoeing and camping trips in the Canadian wilderness for anywhere from 2 nights to 2 weeks. We’re looking for people with strong leadership skills, and experience in either camping or canoeing (ideally both)! If you’re confident in your skills and think you could help give campers the trip of a lifetime, let us know.


Get your fill of Canadian nature this summer by working as a camping instructor.

Do you have experience pitching tents, building fires, and cooking outdoors? If you’ve got the confidence to share your knowledge with children of all ages, you could spend your summer getting paid to sleep under the stars.


Reach new heights this summer as a climbing instructor.

We’re on the hunt for avid climbers with the confidence to teach climbing skills to children of all ages. If you’ve got qualifications or experience teaching, this position could be yours.

Lessons can vary from teaching the basics, all the way to supporting experienced climbers. Nothing will elevate your summer like a job as a climbing instructor.

horseback riding

Want to get paid to horse around all summer? A role as a horseback riding instructor could be for you. If you have experience riding and taking care of horses, let us know! We’re looking for people who would feel confident teaching children all about riding this summer--from the basics to more advanced techniques.

mountain biking

Break out of your typical cycle this summer as a mountain biking instructor.

We’re looking for people with lots of experience hitting the trails on a mountain bike. If you’ve taught others how to ride before, even better.

Lessons vary from teaching basic cycling, to navigating more advanced trails with older campers.

ropes course

Swing into your best summer as a ropes course instructor.

If you have experience being on low or high ropes courses, and especially teaching these courses to children, this role could be perfect for you. We’re looking for people who are confident in leading high and low ropes activities to campers of a variety of skill levels.


Are you a sharpshooter with summer camp in Canada in your crosshairs? A role as a riflery instructor could be for you.

We’re hunting for people with experience in riflery, and especially those who have taught the skill to others. If you feel confident you could safely instruct children on riflery, let us know.


Get lost this summer working as an orienteering instructor.

If you have experience navigating with a map and compass, and feel confident in your ability to share your knowledge with children of different skills levels, this could be the role for you!

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