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summer spent on the water.

waterfront and lifeguard

There’s no better place at summer camp than down by the water. In Canada, we’re famous for our incredible lakes and breathtaking scenery. This summer why not work on one of the best looking places camp?

roles available

swim instructor

Make a splash this summer as a swim instructor at camp in Canada!

If you are a strong swimmer with the confidence to teach campers of all skill levels, this could be the role for you. People with experience teaching swimming lessons or with valid lifeguarding qualifications make great candidates, so if that’s you let us know!


Paddle into the best summer of your life as a canoe or kayak instructor.

We’re looking for people with experience canoeing or kayaking who feel confident they could teach children of all skills levels. If you feel more comfortable paddling around a lake than you do walking on land, this is the role for you! Canoe and kayak instructors are generally required to obtain Canadian lifeguarding qualifications.


Float through this summer as a sailing instructor.

If you’re an avid boater with a passion for teaching sailing to children of all skill levels, this is the role for you! Lessons range from taking new sailors out on the water for the first time, to helping experienced boat enthusiasts get the most out of their summer. Sailing instructors are usually required to obtain Canadian lifeguarding qualifications.

windsurfing / waterskiing

Catch the wave this summer as a windsurfing or waterskiing instructor.

We’re looking for people with experience windsurfing or waterskiing who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with children of all skill levels. If you are confident that you could teach campers how to windsurf, and are open to obtaining lifeguarding qualifications, this is the role for you.


Channel your inner Baywatch this summer as a camp lifeguard.

If you have experience working as a lifeguard, or are a strong swimmer who is open to obtaining Canadian qualifications, this position could be for you. From the pool to the lake, a position as a lifeguard can make your summer unforgettable.

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