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getting back to summer camp roots.

active faith-based camps

Faith based summer camps in Canada are our camps which have some kind of religious root. Whether there’s Jewish, Christian or traditional faith elements, these camps are fantastic places to work. The facilities and even the type of camp can vary within the faith-based category, with traditional camps, day camps and even rustic having a duel identity.

They provide a broad range of outdoor activities combined with faith-based values.

Christian camps

Christian camps are those which are run by a Christian organization. They can vary in their religious focus but they will always promote similar life values.

You should expect a wide variety of fun outdoor activities. Daily prayer, worship and religious study are typically not major camp activities; however, they may be part of daily camp life.

Jewish camps

A Jewish camp will be very similar to any other summer camp in Canada. Along with the Jewish aspects of the camp, the camp will have a wide variety of activities, good facilities and some fun traditions. We work with lots of different types of Jewish camps with varying levels of religious practice and observance.

Limited faith camps

When looking at some of our camps in Canada, you wouldn’t even know they have religious ties. They’re traditional camps built upon the religious foundation of a particular faith.

These camps don’t have active faith-based programming and so staff don’t need to have an active faith life or to be a follower of that faith. These camps simply require that their staff be respectful and accepting of the religious foundation of the camp.

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