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let’s get wild this summer.

rustic camps

Rustic camps are great, but they’re even better in Canada. When you combine the epic Canadian wilderness with the fun of summer camp, you get an unbeatable combination. Our rustic camps are, as they say on the tin, a bit more basic than other camp types, with limited facilities it’s a great opportunity to get back to basics and enjoy nature.

Rustic camps often focus on building campers’ wilderness survival skills. They tend to be located in remote areas or by Canadian provincial parks. A big activity at our rustic summer camps will be ‘tripping’, which includes multi-day excursions by foot or canoe. So if you like being out and about having adventures, this will be the summer camp for you.

You’ll also find that many of our rustic camps are also connected to the Girl Guides or Boy Scouts. So you can expect plenty of fun, skill learning and s’mores round the campfire.

One of the main differences you’ll notice with our rustic summer camps is the lack of electricity. There may be electricity charging points in the kitchen, office and main buildings, but other than that you’re out in the wilderness away from modern luxuries.

Switch off this summer and enjoy the wild.

The cabins at a rustic camp might also be a bit of a surprise. Some of our rustic camps do have cabins where you’ll find your basic facilities but some just have platform tents which you’ll call home.

Both offer a summer of fun and freedom, as there’s nothing better than taking your sleeping bag out at night to enjoy the clear night sky away from the city glow.

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