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Spend your summer on the waterfront...

Makin' Waves

If you’re passionate about the waterfront, and add waterfront skills (such as Lifeguard, swim instruction, sailing) to your application, you will be required to gain a Canadian qualification. But don’t worry, Camp Canada helps organize this qualification course for you and your role at camp. Our Quals team will vet, organize and prepare you for your swimming qualification course, which will take place in Canada before you head to camp.

Waterfront Qualifications

To give yourself the best chance at passing you should:

✍️ Sign the qualifications agreement

💭 Answer the qualification survey honestly

🎟️ Become familiar with your ‘Events’ section as it has all of your course information

🏊 Practice the course material in the pool whenever you can

📚 Arrive on time and be ready for a full day of learning on all days

📲 Reach out to us or the swim school with issues and concerns

More on the Quals course material

Live your summer adventure out on one of the 879,800 lakes across Canada

Qualifications FAQs

How much training will I need to do?

This depends on your current swimming abilities and will differ from person to person. Depending on the course you are completing, you will be required to carry out a timed swim and some other tasks.

When you complete your swim survey, you will get a response regarding your results, and this will provide an indication of which areas could do with more practice. It is important to do your swim test as early as possible, so we can determine how much training you will need to do, and this will also allow for more time to make improvements.

What types of courses are there?

Bronze Cross & Standard First Aid (with CPR-C) - You can learn more about this certification here. When you complete a Bronze Cross course with Camp Canada, you will also be examined for the prerequisite Bronze Medallion certification which is also outlined in the description above.

National Lifeguard & Standard First Aid (with CPR-C) - You can learn more about this certification here. When you complete a National Lifeguard course with Camp Canada, you will also be examined for the prerequisite Bronze Cross award, which is outlined here.

How much will the course cost?

The qualification cost portion of the course will be covered by your camp, as per the qualifications program agreement.

If your course takes place in a host city, or at a different camp, you will cover the cost of room and board for the duration of your course. This depends on which hostel you will be staying in, and can range from $25 to $40 per night. Camp Canada will cover the cost of transport to and from the course each day.

What feedback have other participants gave on the course?

Regardless of if you're placed on the Bronze Cross or the National Lifeguard course, our participants have always given feedback around wishing they had practiced more prior to starting. This course is physically and mentality demanding and failure to prepare for that may lead to you not passing the course.

Whilst learning the skills on the course is a possibility, learning endurance and fitness during the 3 to 7 day course is not. If you plan appropriately, you'll stand a great chance of walking away with the qualification. We spoke to one of our Alumni all about Quals, if you've got questions, they're most likely answered here - Emma Qualifications Q&A!

We're here for you!

We’re here to help and to make sure you pass. We’d hate for you to risk not passing the course through not preparing enough beforehand. Please afford as much time as you can to practice the course material and remain up to date with your start times and locations.

Qualifications Q&A with Alumni