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get creative in canada

arts and crafts

Summer camp just wouldn’t be summer camp without arts and crafts. Sticking, crafting and getting glitter absolutely everywhere. Campers love creating their own masterpieces to take home to Mum and Dad.

See what you could be doing at a summer camp in Canada…

roles available

general arts and crafts

Get crafty this summer and release your inner Picasso as an Arts and Crafts Instructor.

Are you full to the brim with ideas? Whether you enjoy Tie-Dying, Painting, Jewelry Making or other creative outlets, this is your opportunity to shine! Portfolios of previous work are encouraged.


Mould your campers into mini Michaelangelo’s by becoming a pottery instructor.

If you know your way around a pottery wheel, have excellent knowledge on how to use a kiln, or have a knack for making cool clay models, camps will love you.

nature craft

Go wild with your art this summer as a nature craft instructor.

Make use of your outdoor environment and make it a masterpiece. If you think you have some great ideas or previous portfolio work, show us your talents.



Capture those precious memories at camp with your photography or videography skills.

Camps are looking for staff who will spend their days capturing fun pictures and video clips, editing footage, and spreading the excitement through a lens. Your schedule maybe uniques from regular counsellors, but essential for the camp experience.


Don’t be board this summer, be a woodwork instructor.

Using specialised equipment in woodworking studios at camp, you could be showing kids how to carve small sculptures, put together furniture or cute trinkets. Portfolios of previous work are encouraged!

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