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become part of the story.

traditional camps

Traditional summer camps in Canada are everything you’d hope them to be and more. Usually family owned, with log cabins set against the picturesque mountains, you really couldn’t pick a better setting to spend your summer.

Each camp will have traditional facilities, such as a canteen, sports halls, stables and rock climbing walls, all set up so the campers can have the time of their lives.

Traditional camps in Canada have been around for a long long time, all the way back to 1850 where the first summer camp sprang up in Ontario, Canada.

Now, you’ll find hundreds of summer camps nestled amongst the Canadian wilderness, giving thousands of youngsters with the chance to experience adventure.

We work with the best of these camps, so you know when you apply, you’ll be going to some of the best places in the world’s top location.

Every camp is different but similar in philosophy. A place to gain independence, learn life skills and meet exciting people from all around the world. There’ll be sports and activities, songs and traditions, to help encourage campers to develop, build confidence and a great time.

Campers come to camp for 1-8 weeks depending on the camp and the camper.

Traditional camps have excellent facilities and they combine it with years of history and tradition. When you go to a traditional summer camp you’re investing in the camps history. You’ll learn the songs, the chants and will become part of the rich tapestry which these camps are proud to have.

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